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Aug 9, 2008
what times do you need for the academy to notice you?

high school 5k:

3200 meter:

1600 meter:
your best bet would be to go on to the navy sports website and look at their results of both dual meets and championship meets, if you fall somewhere in their with your times definitely send an email to the coach telling them of your interest
this is what i did for army swimming

to be 'noticed' by the coach, as in they call you before you reach out to them, you pretty much have to be such a super star that many other coaches are calling you as well, but you definitely do NOT have to be receiving calls to be recruited to the team

i was good enough to make a contribution to the program, and i let the coach know that i was interested and was then offered a recruiting trip, etc and was an official 'recruited athlete' in the admissions process, but i was NOT going to be contacted by the coach without my initial input

best of luck!
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Hi Harrison, when you say that you were offered a recruiting trip does this mean that the school paid for your travel expenses? Thanks. BTW, you sound like a real go-getter. Congratulations on your success.
Times for Varsity Interest

what times do you need for the academy to notice you?

high school 5k:
3200 meter:
1600 meter:

HS 5k: approaching 16 min
2 Mile: < 9:25
1 Mile: < 4:25

The only reason I know this is I've worked with a candidate this year who is still hoping for a NAPS invitation.

Regardless of how close you come to these, contact the coach and tell them of your interest. The answer is no if you never ask the question.
I've noticed on the NAPS website.. that cross country isn't one of the sports offered there.
I called NAPS as was concerned about XC as well...They said they have the program but it depends from year to year if they have enough to complete a team. Hope this helps.
Concur with CDR's assessment.

I ran for Coach Cantello during my first semester of plebe year. I moved to longer distances for the rest of time at USNA.

Be prepared to work hard and be dedicated.
They did not give me a number. I assume 5 as that would be the min. to field a team. I'm sure Coach Cantello has some influence on that number.
jadler, were u recruited into usna sports? and can u run at the academy even if you wernt recruited?
I wasn't heavily recruited, but I was "kind of." My times were not that great for the coaches to go to the board and say "we need this guy," but I had some decent times.

I applied to USNA twice, once as a senior and once from college. I was mainly looked at by the coaches during my junior/senior years. I was on my own during college, but I did redshirt on a very successful cross-country and track & field program (top D1 T&F program out of FL).

Here were my times so you can get an idea:

1600: 4:32.8h
3200: 9:41.59
3M (XC): 15:24.29
5K (XC): 16:01.78
10K (track/college): 32:39

Yes, there is sports period during plebe summer and that is normally open to anyone. There is also a plebe summer track meet, where you can compete against everyone. When I ran in the PS track meet, I believe they ran a 1500/1600 and a 3000/3200/2M (can't remember the exact events). This is a great opportunity to show the coaches what you have to offer. At the same time, you haven't really been able to train consistently for about 3-4 weeks. More of a good reason for prospective runners to get a good base before reporting.

Hope that answers your question! What times are you currently holding? Please feel free to PM me.