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Oct 24, 2018
I am not sure what category to ask this question. Looking for some answers about application process for CSPI. In attendance at required university however out of state from home residence. I might be missing something on the CSPI website. I hope to get some clarification on SAF if possible. I dont want to go directly to a recruiter first to ask questions and want to remain anonymous. I also dont want to ask the questions in the coast guard site because it wants information that would void it from being anonymous.

1. Is a specific major required for selection? Will one major have more weight than another?

2. Once application is turned in during the given time period I believe it is January of Sophmore year, how long does it take to receive an answer? Can anyone correct for Application opening and deadline?

3. Do you receive the DODMERB request for physical while in queue?

4. When is report date to Cape May ? Are you going through basics with enlisted or are you seperated out? I have seen at CGA OCS is seperated from CGA cadets.

5. Would the application process be handled through the recruiter at the state where In attendance for collge or at home state? There is a 1200 mile difference between areas.

I have seen the coast guard booth at college I just want to find out some general questions answered before going to the booth. Thank you.


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Jun 29, 2010
I cannot answer all of them, but Question 4 is simple: you go through with all the other enlisted personnel. You'll be technically enlisted while you finish up your college degree at which point you'll get your degree and do an accelerated OCS.


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May 15, 2012
Sorry to have missed this. I can give you some brief answers. This is a program I keep in my back pocket at college fairs as an Admissions Partner, so I do know a bit about it. And I have contacts in a recruiting office I can get some answers from. Feel free to PM me with other questions as well. But first, there is no reason to not contact a recruiter and talk. There is no obligation there. However, be prepared to have the recruiter not know all the answers, as it is not a well known program. I have had contact with a recruiter who did sort of specialize in this program. He is now back in the fleet, but I may, may be able to get in contact with him.
1- No specific major is required. However, a STEM major is likely to get more attention.
2-Reply time on applications takes a while. Think weeks to months rather than days to weeks. I can look for application dates, or direct you too them, but I'll need to go looking. Be aware you can apply in your junior year. It is not a requirement that you apply in your sophomore year. You do miss out on getting tuition and pay for that year though.
3- I don't know the answer on this one.
4-If you are picked up, you attend boot camp during the summer between semesters. It is scheduled that way to minimize impact on classes. You are in with enlisted. You are essentially joining the reserves during your time in college. You get reserve pay, and need to do the one weekend a month.
5-This could be done either way, but it is probably handier for both you and the recruiter to do it where you go to school. It may be that the two Recruiting Offices could work together, or one may be more familiar with the CSPI program (go with them).

Again, there is no obligation in talking to a recruiter. If you don't like what you hear, you don't need to stay. If the recruiter you talk to doesn't have the answers, ask to be directed to someone who does.

Good luck in whatever you decide.