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    With the current CULP applications done with, I was a bit curious about the different dimensions they added this year, compared to last year. Will the addition of the Airborne School, security clearance and what type of scholarship questions effect OML and who gets slots?
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    Airborne School and security clearance questions have been on there in years past. The reason Airborne School is on there is because the Spain CULP mission is for Airborne qualified cadets because they conduct a jump with the Spanish Army and get their spanish airborne wings. So cadets that have not attended BAC won't go on those missions. I don't believe they affect the OML for cadets being selected from CULP, only affect which specific missions they get put on. I'm not quite sure what you mean about type of scholarship (3 year vs. 4 year?) so I didn't want to assume and give a wrong answer. Everyone on CULP gets asked about having a security clearance. If it wasn't on the application in the past, it gets asked when a cadet is accepted and is completing pre-deployment training and information.

    Edit to add: Just looked at the portal and at previous CULP applications. They did ask if a cadet was Airborne Qualified, if they had a Security Clearance, if they were a Green-to-Gold cadet, a member of the SMP, if you had an ROTC scholarship or were just contracted, what MS level you were, what your degree was, and your Academic and ROTC GPA. The application says that a request for a clearance must be submitted in order to obtain a CAC card.
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