CULP vs Project Go vs Airborne/Air Assault

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    Well DS learned a lot at CIET and came back a young man:) Looking into the future his major in school is Russian. Does it make more sense to hone his language via Project Go or should he just apply for CULP. It seems one is more language orientated and the other is more of a culture understanding. Does one get credit for Project Go that goes toward CULP? Are they two different animals? One would think that Project Go would be more encompassing since it is language based and since you are in the country for 6 weeks the culture awareness would be more intensive. I know for Russian one lives with a host family in Latvia or Estonia.

    Second can one do both CULP/Project Go at the beginning of summer and then Airborne/Air Assault later in the summer?

    Thanks for clarifying the information I have read on Project Go and CULP.
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    To my knowledge there is no real connection between Project Go and CULP. They may be administered by the same command but there's no "credit" to apply to CULP. Not sure what you mean by that.

    Project Go is more language oriented, but be aware that not all Project Go sessions take place outside the US.

    CULP is simply a 3 week cultural trip combined with a nominal assignment like teaching English to foreign military, some mil-to-mil training, etc.

    Both are good experiences. If he doesn't have a strong preference, I'd lean towards CULP. If he's not selected, he'll still have time to apply for a PG slot.
    Both are worth only 2.5 OML points, so not a big effect on his ranking.

    As to whether or not he can also squeeze ABN or ASLT in the same summer, that's completely up to his Bn. When money is tight and slots are few they tend to spread them around a bit, so he may not have the chance to do both. If he is given the opportunity, there's probably time for both if he does CULP and everything is scheduled carefully.
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    Just to expand/augment the above answer, while CULP is executed by USACC, Project GO is only endorsed by USACC. Civilian Universities actually execute this program, which explains the academic rigor.

    Some notable distinctions:
    1) You don't have to be contracted to participate with Project GO.
    2) Depending on the Cadet's University, Project GO may count for as many as 12x academic credits for their degree! These credits may also potentially be used for the CLIP bonus ($250/academic credit of critical majors; only contracted cadets).
    3) Because of the previously discussed affiliations, CULP is much more military related. I was personally a CULP Cadre Leader for a Lithuania mission. We did a military exercise on the Latvian/Russian border, and lived in an old Soviet-era motor pool. Amazing experience!

    I hope that helps!
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    It seems like a language major would have a terrific case for a semester of study abroad.
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