Curious of the AROTC scholarship stats for this year

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Texan, Oct 9, 2013.

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    I've heard that the Army ROTC scholarship boards are only giving out 1,800 scholarships this year. Is this true? Does the rumor that the first board only gives out 250 scholarships hold any water either? I'm curious if anyone has found any information about scholarship stats/percentages that have/will be given out (obviously the stronger your app the better off you should be).

    Also, I know the army gives out 4 year and 3 year scholarships from the boards, but do they do the 2 year ones like the Air Force does, or is that a get on-campus and work & hope to get one scholarship?
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    I don't know if anyone can answer your first question, but yes the Army only gives out 3 and 4 year scholarships to high school seniors
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    HQ AFROTC only offers 3 and 4 yrs for HSSP. They only offer 3 and 3.5 for ICSP. I believe it is NROTC that offers 2 yr., but again I believe that is ICSP, not HSSP.

    Just wanted to place that clarification out there for those posters applying for multiple ROTC scholarships.
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    At least for the high school scholarships, there are only 3 and 4 years that I know of (however, I wouldn't be surprised if Army starts to throw in more 2 years than 3 years with the way things are going)

    But yes, as of now 2 year scholarships can be awarded on campus - as well as 3 and 3.5 year scholarships, and in rare cases 4 year scholarships.

    Don't get too caught up on statistics. As Clarkson would say, control what you can - not what you can't.
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    The Navy only awards 4 yr. Scholarships for HS Seniors. They do not have 3 yr. 85% go to Math/Science or Engineering majors, by quota. They do also have In College scholarships, same as Army, but much fewer. They do award a really minimal % (compared to Army) of in-college scholarships as well, for both Navy Option and Marine Option.

    Nobody can say how many ROTC scholarships the Army will award this year, or in which four categories they will fall:

    - Low (In-State Tuition) Cost 4 yr.
    - High (Private or Out of State Public) Cost 4 Yr.
    - Low Cost 3 Yr.
    - High Cost 3 yr.

    Or more importantly, how much scholarship money will be shifted away from the National Board and to the Brigade/Battalion level to award as the Brigade/Battalion sees fit. My guess is 2/3 of the money will be used in the National Board, and 1/3 at the Brigade/Battalion level for awarding in-college scholarships (typically 3 year). This is a big shift from 2 years ago where maybe 10% of the budget was allocated for use at Brigade/Battalion for in-college scholarship awards. The other big shift is fewer 4 yr, and more 3 yr. Also, focusing the High Cost scholarships to Privates that are presitgious vs. less prestigious. All just trying to get the most bang for the scholarship buck... a 2LT is a 2LT, no matter whether he/she graduated from, and commissioned out of, an expensive, or inexpensive, college.

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