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    so I signed a rotc minuteman dedicated national guard scholarship after completing basic and AIt. I'm going into my last year and kind of really just never liked the officer side of the army. So I debating getting out of my contract. But I didn't know exactly what do you have to pay back? I choose the room and board cause I already get tuition paid for by being prior service in national guard. So would I just have to pay back the money I got from the room and board scholarship? Or would you also pay back stipend and book allowance as well???
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    You should really consider this path seriously before making that decision. Granted, if your heart isn't in it, then it would be best to leave the job to those who desire to lead; Soldiers deserve that. Keep in mind, in the future you'll have no cause for complaint if you aren't happy with your unit when you could have had the power to improve it. However, if that is your decision, your disenrollment will most likely result in you paying back the money received for your room and board option and books. The stipend is not recouped. You will return to your prior enlisted status and obligations.
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