D153.90 history of cataracts


Jan 19, 2017
I have another thread already on here "history of juvenile cataracts surgery" but wanted to know if anyone has ever seen this disqualification waved. My recruiter made it sound like the people who grant waivers just go by the dq code and it is a code that is either waiverable or is not waiverable.

Does anybody know if this code can be waived?
My DD has this same condition and received the same disqualification after her exam. It is going to depend on how much the appointment source wants your student and how competitive a candidate they are. Last year West Point issued a waiver in less than two weeks for this condition without requesting any remedial test or doctor's visits. The Air Force Academy did not even request a waiver and ROTC took almost a year to approve the waiver. Hope that helps. I would get a head start in the game and have her eye doctor do an exam and add it to the DODMERB packet to speed up the process. We did this as well and the day we were uploading the letter, West Point approved it without the letter. I cannot say if it help the ROTC process later in the year.
Thank you! This is making me hopeful. I submitted a letter from my opthalmologist with a dilated fundus exam at the dodmerb physical so I believe that they should have it. As of now, they have not requested any more information but the site seems to be down again...

As of my competitiveness, I'm joining the national guard (hopefully) as a medical student from a solid state school. My stats are average for students accepted to MD programs so I'm not sure if they would fight for me or not. I guess it depends on how many healthy people are trying to join.
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