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    I have been on Active Duty since 2002. In 2004 at the age of 20, my grandmother died. She was like my mom and raised me for majority of my life. I had to seek counseling for this and a horrible relationship with my girlfriend at the time. In 2009, I deployed to Iraq. No issues with PTSD or anything like that. Two years later still no issues, I separated and joined ROTC. I took my physical and was honest about everything. When they asked for remedial information I sent it all in as well.

    Last week I called DoDMERB and was notified that I was DQ'd because of Mood Disorder. I am puzzled at how I was Dq'd after 9+ years of honorable service. I'm an NCO now and I want to become an Officer but I feel as though this decision was ridiculous.

    What are the chances of getting my waiver approved? I was thinking about getting character statements from all my former NOCIC's and including them in my rebuttle.
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    You have a "history of" disqualification. Dodmerb acts in black and white - if you have EVER had a "history of a mood disorder" - they HAVE to DQ you.
    What this does is allows the service to look deeper into your medical situation - the waiver process will examine all your medical records relating to this.

    It's probably a good idea if you write a "rebuttal" explaining how the diagnosis came about - the specific details of your counseling, how long it lasted, any medication you took, for how long, when the counseling ended. The more details you give the better.
    The waiver is very individual and they will take into account all information you provide.
    Good luck!

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