Date exam reviewed?


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Apr 29, 2013
I was DQ'd for "Myopia - refractive error greater than -8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent)" on July 25th. USMA requested a remedial on 09/15.

I scheduled and completed the remedial exams and my status updated to "Date exam reviewed" on 11/03. But ... I haven't heard anything and nothing has changed in my status/correspondence. Should I contact anyone? Thanks!

I still haven't heard anything from anyone.

Both eye doctors for my remedial exams were very encouraging and said that I didn't have the serious issue that they believed USMA was concerned about. The first remedial exam was in September and the second was in October and it looks like my second exam was reviewed by DODMERB on November 3, 2017.

I haven't received any correspondence since then and am wondering if I should be doing something.

The only update to my DODMERB portal is receiving a new DQ from AROTC. :(

Is this normal? Should I contact someone at DODMERB?