Date of Rank?

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    Date of Rank
    How does date of rank work with College ROTC officers graduating and getting commissioned earlier than the Academy grads? Or does it start when they finish their MOS training. Any thoughts
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    This may vary by Service, and may have changed since my time, but my recollection is that Lineal Numbers /DOR for the newly commissioned Navy officers starts with USNA graduates in accordance with Class Rank/Order of Merit, then NROTC grads followed in order of graduation. That way a NROTC grad doesn't get a "head start" simply because their school graduated before USNA.
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    as newbie O-1 it just doesn't matter, at least I can't remember it mattering in the least back in the dark ages

    as I recall everyone made o-2 in maybe 18 months ...
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    Actually it matters A LOT at about the O4 level when yeargroups can get split so your placement within the yeargroup can slow you down for promotion by a year compared to others who were commissioned alongside you.

    This is no longer true. The USNA and ROTC mids graduating in the May/June timeframe get the same date of rank and are interspersed with each other so the list ends up one or two USNA then one or two ROTC and so on down the line to the "AnchorPeople".
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    My year group it made a huge difference. The year I was commissioned promotion to 1LT was adjusted from 18 to 24 months. My year group was grandfathered with your promotion determined by active duty DOR. For RA officers this meant 18 months. My OBC (old version of BOLC), was all reserve officers starting in October, the new fiscal year. Our time to be promoted was determined by the day we left our house to drive to OBC in Alabama. Those who lived out west were promoted at 18 months. People like me who lived up north got promoted at 19 months. Those who lived down south 21 months.

    It can also be a factor in some locations determining on post housing if they have a “draw”. I’ve seen class rank at West Point used to determine who got first choice in houses.
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    OPNAVINST 1427.2A.

    All officers graduating in May or June have their date adjusted to the graduating date of the USNA class, with the USNA valedictorian taking the top spot. The rest are determined by percentile of class standing. Officers for whom class standing cannot be determined will be junior to all other officers. Tiebreakers will be: 1. total commissioned service, 2. date of rank, 3. Regular Officers over Reserve Officers, 4. date of birth, 5. alphabetical order by last name.

    Lineal numbers are assigned at O2. O1s do not have lineal numbers or precedence.

    FY20 convening orders allowed for fifteen percent of selectees to be merit reordered to the top of the list regardless of DOR, zone, or precedence. Big deal, as it makes a difference of years between one officer and another (O5 with 18YCS promoted to O6 before another O5 selected at 20YCS, putting it on this November vs. next year).