Daughter checked online and received Single Disqualification D 171.00


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Jan 1, 2019
She once went to a gynecologist to go on Birth Control to regulate periods. She was running and exercising so much that her cycle could go a few days over 3o days. Now they think she has a problem. She had only seen a gynecologist one time for birth control and has regular cycles. Any ideas on what to do next? She has just received a nomination for USNA, so this is very concerning.
My standard advice for all DODMERB issues (BGO's are instructed to steer clear of all Medical issues for privacy).

DODMERB will request additional information or further evaluation if appropriate.
USNA will evalute for waiver if condition is waiverable.
Be careful about what you read online -- every medical condition is different, and one persons's experience doesn't establish a trend.
I had the same problem but I will be finished my dose soon. When will your daughter be finished her dose? If it goes into the school year then its a DQ because you cant have daily medication. Talk to her gyn and tell her the situation figure out a safe plan to finish her dose before she would go to induction day and then report back to DODMETS, I'm no doctor and don't take my word but I hope I provided some helpful information to you. Best Wishes!
Thanks ! She could stop anytime with the BC as it wasn't medically necessary. It just seems odd that they think she has abnormal uterine bleeding because of BC.
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