Decent Lodging near New London?

It's been a few yrs since I've been there but Indian Mohegan Casino resort is great. Most of my classmates will be staying there for our 25th reunion. Boss, I'm sure you have many others. BTW-it was always called roton-groton.
Casino, now your talking. I didn't know there was a casino around. The last time I only there during day and what I seen of the town New London itself, I wasn't impressed.

Was it called roton-groton because of squid bars or something.
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When my son did the Bean Sprout we stayed at the Navy Inn, but you have to be military to use it. They are nice large rooms with kitchenettes. There was a Comfort Suite not far from the lodge also.

The trip was out of our pocket there was no travel money offered, unless he is reporting for I/R Day. Then they file a travel voucher after the travel is complete
I'm DOD Civ. so I might be able to use it (Navy Inn). Maybe I'll call to find out, if my wife finds out that I might be sneaking up to the Mohegan Casino.

Coach George wants to meet my son, mentioned receiving mileage. Okay travel voucher, I hate those.
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There are actually two casinos nearby, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun:thumb: They are kind of expensive if you just want lodging. But fun anyway!

Closer to the Academy there is a Holiday Inn which is good. Several nice motels in Mystic, fairly cheap this time of year.

I've never heard of visitors getting mileage but I could be wrong. Maybe it's an official football visit which falls under NCAA rules.

Anyway dress warm it's been pretty cold up this way. Enjoy your visit!
The Holiday Inn in New London is nice and not to expensive.
Thought I would bump this thread because the time is coming soon. I checked out staying at the casino the last time I was there (this spring) because I have heard how nice it was. Not only was it fully booked, but the rooms were extremely expensive (the lowest room price I could find was around 300 a night). I think Mystic is nice to stay in versus Groton or New London. There are lots of places to eat besides the standard chain restaurants of New London and Groton. When booking a hotel in New London or Groton, it may be a good idea to ask how old the hotel is. That is the biggest complaint, that most of the hotels are so old and haven't been renovated in so long that the smell of mold and just plain "old" is uggghh. You don't have to be Navy to stay at the Navy Lodge. Coast Guard cadets are welcome there. You can google the website and give them a call for information. You have to show a military ID within 24 hours of staying there so don't know if it would qualify for R-Day.
I have to agree with kpmom2011 about the Holiday Inn in NL. We had a ship's reunion there last July and the beds were comfortable. We were rarely in the room so it didn't matter if it wasn't a "Trump Property". Like our reunion, I think you'll find out that you will only be in the room to sleep. In addition, I think it's within 15 minutes to the USCGA.

Good luck to your "Swab"!