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Sep 18, 2007
The class of 2011 cadets picked out and ordered their Academy Rings today. I heard everything ordered from a $4500 emerald stone set to one cadet who didn’t order anything. One of the most popular ring types seemed to be the traditional appearance with dark blue Topaz stone, medium antique finish, 14 kt gold with diamond dividers in which runs about 1300 bucks.

A few cadets were lucky enough to try on Hines Ward’s Super Bowl ring that just happened to be diverted from the Jostens repair shop.
Very nice. Always exciting when you realize you might actually get your ring. :thumb:
Do you have to purchase yourself?

Yes, with whatever you can finagle (maybe parents will help with a Christmas, Birthday, following year Christmas, following year Birthday etc. Present loan) with balance due in April.

The 2nd class year is expensive: Class Ring, Coast Guard Sword & Accessories, Dress White Uniform, Spring Break are a few costs. But to help offset this a little, you may receive an $30,000 low interest loan towards the end of your second semester.
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Sorry that the cost of gold is sky high for your class :thumbdown:
Cadets in the past were able to white card the expense of their ring, sword and dress whites. Maybe with the high cost of gold that's not the case this year??
Spring Break has always been on the cadet's nickel (or dear ole mom and dad) :rolleyes:
we are able to use or "white card" money to pay for the rings. i put white card in quotations because once you get out of debt (usually beginning of 3/c year) they start to put anything over $500 of your white card account into a savings account which you can draw from. so basically no one has to beg their mom for money for a ring.

BTW i got the gold/blue topaz but jazzed it up a little bit with "running lights" (a small emerald and a small ruby on either side)
Sounds beautiful. Still wear mine and get many comments, 18K gold, black onyx with diamonds. Even sent it back to Josten's a couple of years ago to get it shined up and make it circular again (saved my finger from a door!). No resizing, yet!
I know, ring knockers..:wink:
This "savings account" where they put your $$$ (over $500 from your white card), is that referred to as the "guardian" account?
Have known frugal cadets who have ended their cadet careers with over $3,000 in their Guardian accounts. Nice money to splurge on things for their new apartments or a great post graduation vacation! :thumb:
What if you are away on exchange? Will you be able to order one later in the year and still get it in time for the ring dance? It's not the same just seeing it in the catalog.