defer rotc?


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Aug 19, 2017
hi, i am currently in the late application stages of getting an rotc scholarship ( my interview is next week!). I also want to enlist in the idf after high school-is it possible to defer an rotc scholarship for 1.5 years?
My understanding is you cannot defer it. I would bet important body parts but not my life.

I agree with kinnem, and would be willing to bet important parts of his body as well that you can't defer the scholarship.

People who are familiar with both forces point out that the IDF is primarily a conscript army (aside from reservists), is less professional and much more informal than the US military. can't defer a scholarship offer
Do u mean the Israeli Defense force? I have to believe that could be problematic when u tried to be a US officer . Your security clearance would be a mess . As it is there are issues with Americans with lots of ties with Israel . US dentist who wanted to work at Naval base was denied security clearance because his mother and brothers live in Israel
If memory serves me correct, you can't commission into the military if you have recently been in the Peace Corps, Service in the IDF would be way beyond that and I'm sure cause you some major issues. I'd only bet Kinnem's minor body parts on this.
Hey Sarabee, I was also interested in serving in the IDF a couple years ago, so I get where you are coming from. One of the ways I thought about it was why did I want to go to Israel and what goals did I have for the rest of my life. From there I worked to find a compromise/ prioritize what I thought would make me the happiest/ most fulfilled. Also as far as I know, the commitment for females is 2 years.
I guess it's already been answered, but I had the same question with an AFROTC scholarship last spring. It was a resounding "no" then too :)
Best of luck!
As a matter of course, when @clarksonarmy speaks, sit up and listen.

When I read the OP, I was ready to write that my DS successfully deferred his AROTC Scholarship, but that was 6 years ago. Based on his experience, I am a huge proponent of gap years for many kids given some hard and fast rules:
  • At the end of the gap year, one should have a quantifiable achievement to show for the time spent. This would not include growing as a person, picking up garbage on Mt. Everest or helping your fellow man. Those are laudable goals and some institutions may happily bet on your success, but most really don't care.
  • Have EVERY detail of your educational life-after-gap-year settled and ready to execute before the gap year even begins. The only exception would be in continuing to pursue scholarships, including an xROTC scholarship. There again, that is keeping a focus on one's return.
  • Be prepared to change in that year and don't think you're the exception when it happens. It is the same for every college freshman away from home. There will be the same challenges of dealing with independence, questioning your past decisions, wondering how to get through the next week without Mom's meatloaf...
In any event, best of luck!