Delta Airlines did us a solid

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    May 20, 2018
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    There was a typo on the Citadel CSI information and it looked like students could arrive as late as 2300 on July 5th so we got #2 son tickets where he would arrive at 1000 -

    What CSI really meant was students should arrive NLT 1100. We of course had purchased non-refundable tickets. So I figured we were going to be out $300 - $400. I called and explained the situation and after 40 minutes on hold they make the 'Fix' for less than $100 bucks
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    Ditto. Delta has been fantastic at accommodating flight changes for military. Customer service reps have waved change fees numerous times for DS. For bigger issues Delta has a military desk - DS faxed military orders and next day got a full refund of $2,100 for vacation flight that was purchased before orders were issued.
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    My son commissioned in May and flew to his AF base this last weekend. He flew on American and besides the fact that his luggage weighted over 50 pounds with no charge, they put a priority sticker on it and it was literally the first luggage to come out of the airplane.
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    When I sent my DS back to the USCGA, the Delta ticket agent saw his sea bag and assumed he was military. She took us back to the VIP check-in area and even printed gate passes for his mom and sister so they could escort him and wait with him at the gate. Thanks Delta!
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    Not to take away from Delta but I think that if you politely hold your ground, and get to the right person - almost all of the Airlines will eventually help you in these kind of situations. A year ago when my son was deploying to Afghanistan- my wife, daughter and I decided to fly down from to Ft Bragg via RDU. Typically - the deployment date changed about 5 times in a few weeks by up to 3 week’s in either direction. I kept rebooking trying to get there before the unit left - each time incurring a change fee. Finally on the last rebook- I got a supervisor who took one look at all the changes- told me it was within his discretion to waive the fees for military deployments and rebooked and refunded all the changes and gave me the original low fare. I fly almost every week for business, but this was not the airline that I have my status on- ( I fly American and this was United who doesn’t have the greatest rep in the news for customer service) so they didn’t have to do that. But most folks working for the Airlines want to do the right thing if you treat them courteously and tell them your story. So- shout out to Delta for taking care of you and remember to thank the customer service folks when you get the chance - they almost always appreciate the recognition which is all too infrequent!
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