Demand of Armor officers in the Army?

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    Just out of curiosity, are armor officers in the army used in combat when needed? or are they just as much a necessity as infantry officers. For example, are there a lot of armor officers commanding tanks in Afghanistan in comparison to infantry officers leading troops? also what is it like being an armor officer--the good and the bad.

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    Armor Officers are generally tank, MGS or recon platoon leaders upon graduation from Armor BOLC.

    Tank Platoons are in Armored Brigade Combat Teams. MGS platoons are in Stryker Brigades/Regiments. Recon Platoons are in most types of Brigades (Armored, Stryker, Infantry, Battlefield Surveillance).

    Infantry and Stryker Brigades do most of the ground fighting in Afghanistan.

    Armored Brigades can fulfill advisor missions to Afghan BNs and Corps.

    In the past year, Armor Officers have led ground troops in combat in Afghanistan.

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