Denied candidate status


Jul 9, 2017
This is humbling to post, but we have been denied official “candidate” status from two SA’s stating scholastic deficiencies in class ranking, GPA, and test scores.

I totally understand and feared the kickback from the test scores. Since interest in the SA is relatively new, we didn’t plan ahead and begrudgingly had to submit a score (25) that was done at the end of 10th grade (without any test prep). DD studied for and took the SAT this morning and will additionally sit for the ACT in 2 weeks, and then several more times this fall….

Totally working on that part, but since DD is a home school student we do not have a class rank. After LOADS of research, I put DD class rank as 1 of 1 on the Preliminary Applications. I now suspect that might have been a problem, but not sure what else I could have done.

As far as GPA, she is at a 3.95 unweighted. These are not "Mommy-grades”. She has sat under a variety of teachers including many VERY difficult on-line classes, and 7 dual-enrolled college classes (on campus) her Junior year, making the Dean's List. This year, her senior year, she is full-time college enrolled. We presently have her transcripts en route to academy admissions dept.

If we had a portal I’d seek out her admissions counselor to ask advice, but I don’t know who that might be so I’m turning to this forum. I KNOW we need to keep working on the standardized test scores, but is there anything else we can do? We are continuing forward, training for the CFA, studying for the next ACT, seeking letters of recommendation and writing essays for the MOC application deadline that is rapidly approaching, but I feel so behind and like we are running “blind” without an official academy advisor we can turn to.

Any suggestions? Should we continue forward??? Many thanks!
Also reach out to her BGO. They should provide counsel in areas that she could improve to gain candidate status. I wouldn't worry so much about class rank with home schooling. Hope her scores improve and her status changes. Good luck!
Two academies doing the same thing indicates that a significant box was not checked. It wasn't the 25 on the ACT. Many students have been appointed with that score. My blunt take on the situation:
You said,
"we have been denied"

"we didn’t plan ahead"

"we do not have a class rank"

"I put DD class rank as 1 of 1"

"not sure what else I could have done"

"I’d seek out her admissions counselor"

"I’m turning to this forum"

"I KNOW we need to keep working"

"Is there anything else we can do?"

"We are continuing forward"

"I f
eel so behind"

"we are running “blind”

"Should we continue forward???"
The academy likes applicants that can stand on their own feet. Be sure she is initiating her own application and shows them that she wants an appointment more than her mother does.
+ 1 Hoops & Maplerock. DD should have been assigned a BGO officer. BGO should reach out to counsel DD, and DD should explain home school program. If warranted , BGO can each out to Admissions and find out what issue is. I've never been able to figure out what the cut off for being an Official Candidate is, but 25 is probably close.

To echo Maplerock - I know every parent wants what's best for their kid, but this is DD's application. This is the time to demonstrate independence and initiative
My son is currently at a SA and he was also homeschooled (k-12). When he applied, he completed the application without my assistance. She should not be relying on your for this process. If there are questions, she can ask her BGO officer. Or come here and ask questions.

I know in my state, when we (USAFA ALO's) receive a home-schooled student that's interested in admission, we get involved directly with admissions and speak with folks that are "in the know" about what USAFA is looking for from a home-schooled student. I haven't had to work one yet, but others have and I have heard they worked very closely with admissions. It might be something for your DD to consider; contacting admissions directly to find out what they are looking for from her.

Just an aside...has she done an "I love me" list? This is a list I have all of my prospects write; it's not a resume and not a real paper, but its a listing of everything they've done since day one of 9th grade. Any activities in the community, clubs, teams, community service, service in church/synagogue/mosque, scouting, etc...etc...etc...NOTHING is too small to report. Many home schooled kids are active is other areas; did your DD do any of those? If so, list it.
Let's not be shy here; a home-schooled student has (IMHO) a challenge to show the academy that their education and their "community involvement" was similar to what a kid in a public school would do.

All that being said, we've had a LOT of home-schooled kids here go to their chosen academy!