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Depth Perception Test Question

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Adm22064, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Adm22064

    Adm22064 New Member

    Nov 30, 2014
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    Hello. I passed the depth perception test at the approved optometrist office, but did not pass the one at the approved medical office. The optometrist one was the book and glasses while the medical office was the machine. Since I saw that it refers to optometrist exam on the dodmerb exam in the eye-related section, would the review board only look at the test from the optometrist? I felt rushed and had less time during the test at the medical office. I don't want it to slow down the review or cause a remedial. Any advise will help. Thanks.
  2. Vista123

    Vista123 5-Year Member

    Aug 5, 2011
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