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    So I had my medical exam a few days ago, and one of the things I talked about was this mild rash that I get sometimes from swimming and extreme heat + sweat (think tropical/Caribbean areas). This rash appears as small bumps that do not itch, crack, or bleed, but it only has a "sandpaper" feeling on the skin. I first got it when I was 8 or 9 after swimming, and I believe that it's something to do with certain areas of sensitive skin. While it used to get on my legs, torso, and joint areas at its worst cases, I now only get it on the insides of my arms and my torso; this leads me to believe that I'll eventually grow out of it.

    I went to a dermatologist 2 years ago about the issue, but I did not have the rash at the time, so I could only describe what it was like. She thought that it could be eczema, but nothing was diagnosed or prescribed. I use an over-the-counter cream that makes it go away after 2 days. The problem is that I may not have been clear enough in this whole description, so it may have been registered as something that I have been diagnosed with and prescribed medication.

    If I get back a DQ for this rash, will I be able to describe this whole situation and go see my dermatologist about the issue? I've read on these forums that these "rash" issues vary from person to person, and that some get an accepted waiver while others (with more serious conditions) do not. I do not believe that my mild rash would disrupt my activities at an Academy, and I went through everything at NASS with no issue.
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    When you fill out your medical history form and you have to answer the question have you ever had eczema, what are you going to answer? Maybe? I believe, if what you wrote is accurate, the answer is No. You had a rash. You were never diagnosed with eczema. Fill out your medical history form truthfully and accurately. If you do get a DQ, there will be a remedial process where the will ask for medical records and a follow up exam if necessary.

    Here is the DoDMERB remedial/waiver process
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