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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by hopefulcandidate, Dec 1, 2014.

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    I've been a nervous wreck lately-my congressional interview is this weekend right after I take my SATs in the morning...:frown::frown::frown:

    My question is: What if I listed USNA, USAFA, and USMA for the academies I'm applying to, but decided to just apply to USNA and USAFA?
    USNA application is 100% completed and USAFA application was barely started last month. Was I supposed to tell them??? I think its already too late..?
    I'm also slightly confused..so, congress(wo)man nominates you to a specific service academy? I thought once you get a congressional nomination, you can choose which academy to use it to.

    I'm really sorry if these are dumb questions..
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    You can update them during the interview. That's all you can do at this point anyway. Also, a MOC nominates you to a specific academy, you cannot choose which academy to use it for.
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    As stated above, you tell them in the interview that, upon further review, you decided not to apply for USMA. I would be prepared to explain why -- a sentence is all you need.

    Also, if you are no longer interested in USAFA and/or aren't going to complete your application, be careful about saying you want to attend USAFA. You may end up with a nom there and none to USNA. Conversely, if you would be happy at USAFA, keep that in play as a nom there is better than none at all.
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    On MOC application DS had listed both USNA and USMMA. He later decided USNA only. He mentioned it in his interview. He was going navy no matter what. He ended up with principal Nom to USNA, and was on the slate for USMMA (which he never submitted an application for).
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    [=hopefulcandidate;394193]I've been a nervous wreck lately-my congressional interview is this weekend right after I take my SATs in the morning...:frown::frown::frown:]

    My DS had his interview right after taking the ACT. It worked in his favor because when asked about attempting to improve his scores they asked him if he had taken it that morning. Showed perseverance to be able to say yes! Use it to your advantage. Regarding adding schools...depends on the MOC. Our Senator will only appoint to one source so it has to be your top choice. Our representative, allows multiple schools (in order of preference) and my DS was able to add USMMA about a week before the interview with one e-mail request so it's worth a try! Good Luck!
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    Current Daughter had first choice for USNA with Senate and Congressional Interview. Got USAFA nomination from Senate. Wanted USNA as first choice and didn't get it but got USAFA nomination. Got USNA nomination from Congressional District as first choice. First Daughter said USNA or nothing and got USNA and graduated 2011. You get your nomination to a specific Academy from your congressman/woman, you can't transfer a nomination to another Academy.
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