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    Hey there! I have a question regarding my high school diploma..I know home-schoolers can get into West Point, but I have heard first-hand that there can be some complications when it comes to admissions, just because some home-schoolers fake their class rank or make up a lot of false information about their education. So I am just trying to choose the best route of getting there. I have been home-schooled through my sophomore year, but I am going to go through running start full-time at college for my last two years of high school. This will give me my last two years of high school credit and my first two years of college credit. I know that the AA that I receive will not be applicable at West Point, but this is the plan that I'm going with. So here is my question: I have an option of two types of diplomas...which would be better me to have in the long run?

    1) A home-school high school diploma concurrent with an AA degree or 2) go through a bunch of very inconvenient requirements to get a public high school diploma ALSO concurrent with an AA degree

    Is it worth trying to go along with the public school system just to technically graduate, or will an AA degree supersede the fact that my diploma is just a "home-school" diploma? I need to make a decision right away, so any advice would be much appreciated!

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    One of mine friends took the public high school route, and it was quite complicated. However, by "enrolling" in a public high school, it gives you access to that school's clubs and athletic programs.

    In my own view and through my own experience, I would say take the home schooled diploma. The AA shows up on college transcripts (duh:eek:) and West Point will see the classes that you took with the college. I am also pretty sure that taking ENC1101 - Composition, and receiving an A or B looks very nicely when compared to a regular high school English class.

    However take my opinion with a grain of salt. A decision like this is likely best made between you and your parents.

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