Aug 13, 2017
Good Evening Everyone,

After waiting four weeks I decided to call DODMerb to figure out why my case status has not been showing and I was told that I may have diplopia from my optometrist exam however they are not sure and are reviewing my file. How could I have double vision when I sight is almost perfect and I was told by the optometrist who examined me that I passed for color vision, did not have double vision or any other seeing ailments? I have already scheduled another optometrist exam with another doctor. Is this something I should be worried about?
The eye Dr my DS saw for DODMERB, the secretary filled out his paperwork incorrectly and listed him as Colorblind. DS said the Eye Dr screamed at her saying this is an automatic disqualifier and made her "fix" his paperwork before submitting it. Also had issues with the Dr office telling him to leave all his clothes on for his weigh-in. Insert eye roll... now this was bad on my DS because he should have insisted. He was wearing work boots long pants and a sweatshirt. This sent him to remedial and he had to go back and get his weight re-done. He was only over by 4lbs for his height, but trust me everything he was wearing weighed about 4lbs.
Double vision cannot be "found" on an exam. It is a subjective symptom. It must be relayed to the doctor by the candidate or patient. What the examiner may have found was that your eyes were not aligned properly. Perhaps an exotropia or esotropia or phoria. Tough to tell without looking at the exam.
Thats strange, I have never had double vision and after looking into it I dont have any symptoms like it, even when something such as a pen is held close to my face I see it as one pen not two. I hope this is some error in paperwork...
My DD's eye exam contained a mistake which took us two months to fix. We finally got a letter from her own eye doctor which did the trick and her LOA became an acceptance very quickly after we got the letter sent.
That's exciting news. If you don't hear back, I would call your admissions rep in 7-10 days to follow up.