Disposable Camera at Beast?? Help!


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Jun 26, 2022
I am looking to send a disposable camera with my boyfriend for R Day (tomorrow) but know that they are very strict about what you can/can't bring. I do not want to get him into any trouble and have not been able to find any answers online. The CBT packing list says no electronics, but does not list disposable cameras as prohibited. Please help!
No--but there will be plenty of photographers walking around taking pictures of them.
He cannot have a camera during Beast. As noted, there will be a lot of other sources for pictures. My son and the members of his squad got quite a few pictures because the upperclass in his chain of command took a lot of pictures and shared them with their squads and platoons.
With thousands of photographs being taken by Cadre and staff soon to begin being uploaded to social media, it’s time to play “Where’s Waldo“