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    Hello everyone, I'm currently a cadet in AFROTC. Ever since I was 13 or so whenever I am nervous my limbs shake uncontrollably. It isn't noticeable unless I have to hold a piece of paper or stand at attention. I have had thyroid and blood test done before and nothing was wrong there. I assume my body just overreacts to stress and releases a lot of adrenaline. My sole reason for being in AFROTC is to try to earn a pilot slot. With this condition, am I wasting my time?
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    No one here can answer (I don't believe) especially since you haven't been diagnosed with anything. Do not self diagnose.
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    I can answer as far as my own experience with the same. My body reacts like yours to stress and nervousness. From what people tell me, it is hard to see it happening even though you feel like you are creating your own little seismic activity. It gets better with experience. Mine hits me most when public speaking or being up in front of a crowd. The flowers I was holding at my wedding were doing quite a dance! Other than briefings and speeches, it never affected me much in the Air Force. I was only a little worried during my first solo at UPT when my legs were shaking so hard I thought I wouldn't be able to hold the brakes before takeoff, but after that it was all good! So, bottom line, it's just a nervous reaction that you can "train" yourself out of...deep breathing, relax, picture the audience naked, etc.
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