Do I even have a shot at USMAPS let alone USMA?

Discussion in 'Service Academy Preparatory Schools' started by DutyHonorCountry, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Hello guys I am a 20 year old community college student and a USMA candidate for the class entering summer of 2013 (this summer) my GPA was a 3.51 including classes the average USMA plebe takes without chemistry. My GPA slightly dropped into the 3.42 territory because I made a foolish mistake of overloading on classes when I didn't really need to (also had some family problems as well) I plan on getting all A's this semester (spring semester) so that I can possibly get into the 3.6 range. I just fear that it will be too late because I heard that USMA will have made a decision by March and the my semester doesn't end until May, how will I give them a better understanding of my academics? My diversity/minority admissions officer said that I am at an academic "risk" with math because my CR scores were 550 and MTH 470, she also said that I have a potential shot at prep (sounds iffy because there can be tons of enlistees or athletes enrolling this year). I think she said that because I am medically qualified and have recorded PT scores that were way over the national average for someone that was of my age (19 when I took it) I also have tons and tons of leadership positions (J/ROTC: Platoon SGT, NOVA SGA: VP, Intern TA: Biology) I am also in the Phi Theata Kappa Honor Society on academic performance. I also got out-competed for my nominations but am seeking one from my old ROTC instructor (J/ROTC nominations) I will also be taking the "last" SAT this Jan. with the hopes that I get at least a 620-630 CR and 550-600 MTH (seems reasonable) I know this is long but I need all of the help possible for this is my dream institution even though internet forums aren't 100% accurate.
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    There are no specific numbers for making it into USMA; you just need to be superior academically and extracurricularly. What that means only the admissions guys decide.

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