Do I even have a shot at USMAPS let alone USMA?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by DutyHonorCountry, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Hello guys I am a 20 year old community college student and a USMA candidate for the class entering summer of 2013 (this summer) my GPA was a 3.51 including classes the average USMA plebe takes without chemistry. My GPA slightly dropped into the 3.42 territory because I made a foolish mistake of overloading on classes when I didn't really need to (also had some family problems as well) I plan on getting all A's this semester (spring semester) so that I can possibly get into the 3.6 range. I just fear that it will be too late because I heard that USMA will have made a decision by March and the my semester doesn't end until May, how will I give them a better understanding of my academics? My diversity/minority admissions officer said that I am at an academic "risk" with math because my CR scores were 550 and MTH 470, she also said that I have a potential shot at prep (sounds iffy because there can be tons of enlistees or athletes enrolling this year). I think she said that because I am medically qualified and have recorded PT scores that were way over the national average for someone that was of my age (19 when I took it) I also have tons and tons of leadership positions (J/ROTC: Platoon SGT, NOVA SGA: VP, Intern TA: Biology) I am also in the Phi Theata Kappa Honor Society on academic performance. I also got out-competed for my nominations but am seeking one from my old ROTC instructor (J/ROTC nominations) I will also be taking the "last" SAT this Jan. with the hopes that I get at least a 620-630 CR and 550-600 MTH (seems reasonable) I know this is long but I need all of the help possible for this is my dream institution even though internet forums aren't 100% accurate.
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    Your file is in the hands of a diversity admissions officer who knows your file and the admissions environment right now much better than anyone here does.
    No one here can really add anything to what she is telling you.
    If she says you have a good shot at USMAPS, then you have a good shot at USMAPS. You're in good hands with the diversity admissions officer. Listen to her. :thumb:

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