Do I qualify for a presidential nom?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by JoeyM, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering if any of you guys here could potentially answer this question I had regarding the presidential nomination.

    Basically, I asked my father what his length of service was in the military (he was in the USMC). He then informed me that he served for a "6x2". Now, after looking this up, I still am really unsure of what this means (he mentioned being in the reserves at one point), and told me that for "2" years, he could've been called up at any time for military service.

    I read that there's a required minimum term of 8 years of military service to be considered for a military nomination, so does this still count? And how do I go about doing the whole nomination process for the president if I am applicable?

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    From what you are posting, not likely

    From the USMA Admissions Website

    Sounds like your father did 6 years of active year and 2 years of Indiviual Ready Reserve (USMC might call it something else). Ultimately, you will need some sort of service documentation (more than likely DD214).
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    I don't think you are eligible. He has to be currently on active duty or a current participating reservist with enough reserve points on their point summary to equal eight years, OR retired and currently receiving or eligible to receive retirement pay at age 60 for reserve retirees for 20 years of active or reserve service.

    My children were eligible under their father, who was active duty, then participating reservist, now a retired reservist, but they weren't eligible under me, I was in for 5 yrs active duty and 5 more years in the active reserves, but I was not currently serving in either when my children applied.
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    You are not eligible.

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