Do I report this illness/injury?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by INeedSomeHelp, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Did DoDMERB, attending USCGA.

    In the last four weeks, I sprained my ankle. I went to the doctor's for an X-ray to make sure nothing was broken. It was diagnosed as a Grade 1 sprain and I'll be good by time Swab Summer comes around.

    In addition, I had bald spots occur on my head. My primary doctor diagnosed it as tinea capitus and prescribed antifungal medicine. However, he sent me to a specialist who re-diagnosed it as folliculitis. He told me to stop taking the antifungal medicine and prescribed me antibiotics. The hair and bumps on my head will be all recovered by time I leave for the academy. All that will be left is minor scarring.

    I read my appointment packet and it states that I must report any changes in my DoDMERB, IF IT MAY DISQUALIFY ME. Do I still report a sprained ankle and skin infection if either are DQ's by the Coast Guard and will be healed by time I get there? What do I say once I get there?
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    It seems to me you answered your own question. They didn't say report it if it will not be healed in time. They said report it.
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    Personally if both are healed by the time the Swab summer starts, do not report it. If you do not think they will be healed in time, report. On day one doctors will check you out and they will determine if you will be able to start swab summer. Two days before I-day at USAFA I had to take my good friend (who was also starting basic with me), to the hospital. He was diagnosed with strep and walked into I-day without reporting anything. He told the doctors that he was on medication and they let him start basic while taking the medicine. Both of those things would not disqualify you in anyway.