Do you have to transfer all undergraduate grades to AFROTC?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Lolz777, May 21, 2014.

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    I plan on joining AFROTC as a sophomore this upcoming fall and have technically done 2 years of college. One at a civilian college and another at West Point. I did not need to transfer my West Point grades to the college I am transferring to and was wondering if AFROTC is going to need those grades. Most of the classes are repeats of classes I took at regular college and I did far worse at West Point than I did at regular college academically wise, also I would not be able to join AFROTC as a 250 if they took into account those credits because in AFROTC's eyes I wouldn't be a sophomore. Basically having to transfer in my West Point grades would make me noncompetitive for an EA slot.
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    As I understand your situation:
    You attended a civilian college (2012-13) for one year and were in the AROTC program.
    Then you attended USMA (2013-14) and took the same classes as you took in the civilian college but were recently dis-enrolled due to academics.
    Your "new" college (Fall 2014) did not transfer your USMA credits when you enrolled. When you say that didn't need them....does that mean they enrolled you without requesting the USMA grades? Did you request that they be transferred? Generally the "rule of thumb" is that if you re-take a class a second time that the grade from the second class is the one you keep. I've not heard of being able to just keep an initial set of grades on a CGPA or transcript, and then ignoring the grades when re-taking the same classes. However, you should only need to count the credits for the SAME class once.

    Your question is whether the AFROTC Detachment is going to want your USMA grades? I would suspect the AF will be interested in all your grades and all the information about all the commissioning programs that you've been involved. Whether, like your Fall 2014 civilian college, the AFROTC Detachment chooses to ignore a years worth of grades/credits from the USMA is IMHO.....very unlikely. Bottom line is I think you'll have only one year of credits (if both years classes were exactly the same) but that the grades will be from the last time you took the classes (USMA).
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    They count everything, its more to figure out your GPA than credits. You can still be a 250, however, they will take the grades into account to get a culm GPA for you. If you retook classes, they average out grades, if you did not retake them the grades stay. You need a 2.5 culm to even be considered of going to field training, and if you lie, especially about USMA, they WILL find out and that could lead you to be dis-enrolled.

    So to repeat,
    Tell them, you can still be a 250 since they aren't counting it for the credits but for you cGPA.
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    Yeah, I've heard of things coming up and commanders finding out. Better to disclose it now. You don't want to get in then be dishonorably discharged or something like that.

    The most important will be when you have to get a security clearance, people will mention that you went there or it will show up in your records such as your taxes.

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