Do you think I'm competitive?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by SoCalHopeful_2016, Jan 6, 2012.

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    Jan 6, 2012
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    I was just wondering if you would think that I'm a competitive candidate and I was also looking for any suggestions on where/what to improve!

    GPA: 3.69
    Rank: 48/276 (Top 17%)
    ACT: 34 Math 29 English 29 Reading 30 Science
    SAT: 680 Math 580 Verbal 610 Writing
    AP's: AP Calculus AB, AP US Government, AP Physics
    ASB/Student Government Junior & Senior Year

    Water Polo Division 1 (MEN): Played 3 Years, Varsity 2 years, Team Captain 1 Year
    Awards: Mission League All-Academic Team 2010-2011 & 2011-2012 seasons, CIF SS Division 1 qualifying team 2010-2011 & 2011-2012.

    Swimming Division 1 (MEN): Played 3 years, Varsity 2 Years, and Team Captain for 2 years.
    Awards: Most Outstanding Swimmer 2009-2010, Best Sprinter 2010-2011, Mission League All-Academic Team 2010-2011.

    Out of School Athletics:
    Triathlons: 2 Years
    Certified Open Water Diving (SCUBA): 2 Years

    School Clubs:
    Triathlon Club 2010-2012
    Democratic Club 2010-2012
    Immersion-To-Go Club 2011-2012

    818 Water Polo Summer Club: 2009-2012.

    Community Service:
    122.5 Hours

    I'm currently 3Q'd, have a nomination from Rep. Waxman (CA-30) and I have an interview for a nomination from Sen. Boxer Jan 21st. How do you think I'm doing and what do you think I need to improve on?
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    Jan 4, 2011
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    Yes, you are competitive

    The unknown is your competitors within your Congressional district.

    How competitive you will be for your Senator's vacancy or NWL is less certain.

    The only thing you could improve now is perhaps take ACT/SAT again to improve your score and getting an admissions interview, if you haven't done so already.
  3. buff81

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    Oct 31, 2008
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    You are 3Q'd - So WP considers you competitive and that's what counts!
    Being 3Q'd means you are qualified for an appointment.
    But what I think you are asking is if you are competitive enough to secure an appointment and noone here can answer that.
    All you can do now is continue to improve your file.
    With the application deadline (Feb 28) being only 7 1/2 weeks away there's not a lot you can do at this point - except - take the ACT and SAT again.
    West Point superscores so any bump up in any score will be beneficial.
    You have nice scores (especially the ACT math :thumb:) but unless a candidate has perfect scores on the ACT and SAT, they should really be taking these tests again as there is always room for improvement.
    There is one more chance to take both tests as WP will accept the test scores from the 28 Jan SAT and the 11 Feb ACT.

    If you do not secure the vacancy slot for the REP or SEN, you will be placed on the NWL. Once on the NWL, you want your WCS to be as high as possible and improvement in test scores is the best way to do that at this point

    Also - continue to update your file with any honors, awards, accomplishments, etc as those will help your WCS also.

    Good luck :thumb:
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    SoCalguy --

    YOur scores are already pretty high, with a Math in the 99% and English in the 91%. Fortunately for you, Math is given more weight than English in the admissions office at WP.

    If I were in your shoes, I might take the ACT one more time and focus only on the English portion... that is assuming that the admissions committee superscores, which I believe they do.

    Honestly though, what's really the difference between 99% + 91% (your current scores) and 99% + 94ish%, assuming you bring the English up to 30? I suppose it would be a very slight advantage. Your ACT is already in at least the top quartile at WP, possible the top 15%. And there are stories of applicants with scores of 35/36, or 760+ on both parts of the SAT that are not admitted. Academic strength is only one third of the picture at WP, with Athlete and Leader being the other two. Athletics is very strong for you. In leadership, you have two Varsity team captainships, so the only area in which you might improve in Leadership is if you were VP or President of your Class or School, or you had a summer job where you were responsible for the performance of employees under your direction.
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    Good infor from Buff81,
    If you are the PRINCIPLE nominee (vacancy winner) from Rep Waxman and are 3Qd by WP you are in - end of story.
    If you are one of the 10 nominations for Rep Waxman's one slot tou will be put on the National Waiting List along with about 1700 other candidates with nominations and 3Qd. This list is rank-ordered from 1 to last by WP. About 400 people from this list will be offered admission. Therefore you need to make sure you are in the top quarter of this list. I think your record is very good. Call your Regional Admissions Officer and ask him what you can do to improve your position on the NWL. You seem not have any school leadership positions such as student body president, class officer, Boy's State etc.

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