Document Upload


West Point Candidate C/o 2026
Jul 8, 2020

I asked my boss to fill out the employer evaluation form about 3 months ago and he told me to see him when I hit the 6 month period, which is today.

Unfortnunately, he is not here today. Will I still be able to upload the form by tomorrow? Does the upload document feature work until 11:59 on January 31st?

Also, if he for some reason is not there tomorrow (he’s been feeling woozy due to COVID vaccine side effects), will I still be able to upload documents after the January 31st deadline?

Thank you
I know you can upload things as long as its received by 11:59 Eastern. Not sure past that, it would be a good Q for your FFR and/or admissions.
On the Candidate Portal, there is a tab that says "Contact us"

It will give you a format to email admissions directly.