dodmerb and possibly mono


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May 7, 2008
Should he proceed to schedule an exam if he possibly has mono? Mono test result not in yet- prob a week out. If he has it, it is very mild- no spleen or liver involvement and no jaundice, actually not so bad fatigue. If this is not mono, it is what i would consider a minor illness. As of today, he is on the upswing of whatever he has. Just worried about triggering a rash of mono-related problems that could appear on the physical exam. I dont know what these would be, but i imagine there could be some, especially in the labs.

If he has had mono, he is at approx week 3 or 4 of the illness. It is supposed to subside in 3- 4 weeks, i hear. That would be about now, and waiting another 5 weeks would allow the physician to document perhaps a cleaner, recovered state. However, EVERYBODY says to schedule the exam immediately because almost everyone has to go through remedials and commonly waivers.

I just dont want to rush in on the above advice if common sense regarding the mono tells us to wait until his deadline (he is given 6 weeks to get this done). Should we schedule the appt toward end of his 6 weeks, have him mention to examiner he just recovered, and hope for a clean exam?

I will reply later tonight
EVERYBODY is correct....schedule the exams as soon as possible.

"If" there is an acute illness and/or mono at the time of the exam, the remedial would be to submit the treating physician's medical records from the time of diagnosis to the time that treatment is completed and the physician has released the applicant to full and unrestricted activities.

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