DoDMERB Appointment

I submitted my USNA Personal Data Record last week, and have a question regarding the DODMERB. Are you supposed to set up the appointment yourself, or do they contact you to schedule? If the latter, how long should I expect to hear from them? Also, does this one appointment usable for all SA applications? Thank you for the help!


In the instructions it tells you explicitly to call the providers listed and schedule the appointments yourself. Then you need to go back into dodmets and input date and time of those appointments. Our son just booked his and has his appts. next week. And our DS West Point liaison told him that once his Navy triggered DODMERB was done and final, to let his liaisons at each SA know, and they would request that the medical results be 'pulled' in. Good luck to you.


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The DODMERB medical exam process is triggered by candidate submitting +50% of their application. The candidate is contacted directly by the contractor who schedules the appointments with local practitioners. DODMERB is common to all DOD personnel, meaning a candidate applying to multiple SAs and/or ROTC scholarships need complete only one DODMERB application.