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    DS just had medical physical for USNA. DS had some patellar sublaxations from being tackled in football and then ended up having surgery in September 2013 to remove some cartlidge and do a lateral release to correct the problem. It has been over a year, he has played football, backpacked etc. No knee instability or problems. Here are the questions. Which category would he fall into?
    1. Knee surgery is over one year with no problems so qualified or 2. History of major joint sublaxation disqualifed. 3. As far as the DoDMERB is concerned is the patellar even considered part of a major joint. Last question: Is this a common injury and surgery that USNA would give a waiver for? I know every case is different but looking to see if anyone here as some insight.

    The Naval Academy lists the following which seems to be a little more clear.
    Musculoskeletal System Un-united fractures, history of surgery to a major joint within six months, history of derangement of any major joint not corrected by surgery or evidence of instability subsequent to surgery, history of anterior or posterior cruciate ligament injury, retained orthopedic devices, arthritis, severe scoliosis, symptomatic structural abnormalities of the spinal column, and herniated nucleus pulposis or history of spinal surgery for this or any other condition are disqualifying

    I have seen other threads on here but the last one I saw was 2013. This injury is very common with young athletes and just wondering if things have changed and that is why not any questions after 2013 or am I missing another thread.

    Thank you so much for any help.

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