DodMerb doesn't recognize


May 22, 2018
I have used my username and password multiple times and multiple times a day to look for status. Now it doesn't recognize my username if I go to change my password (even though I know it). Thoughts???
There must be something wrong with website unfortunately. I just logged on to my portal and all my information in the top header is gone. The only thing there is a few comas and my SSN. All the USNA and USAFA status is gone along with all the personal data. I did speak with DoDMERB last week on a remedial and they are trying to play catch up with everything. They are weeks behind, maybe as many as 6 weeks, due to the upgrade and related issues. This is not a good thing for anyone.
DS could not get on at all this evening. Guessing the upgrades to their system are still being tweaked.
Ah, so it's not just me having issues? I thought I was loosing my mind. Is it still down today?
I’ve been able to get on, but instead of it showing my waiver progression it just went back to “does not meet medical standards”