DoDMERB DQ for Hypertension


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Nov 18, 2008
MullenLE, RetNavyHM, and to anyone with sufficient knowledge,

I just received notification that was I was DQed for having "Hypertensive Vascular Disease." I just wanted to know if it is worthwhile to pursue a waiver with USUHS or whether I would be wasting my time in doing so. The following is my case: I indicated on my medical history that I did take hypertension medication but discontinued since losing weight and switching to a healthier, low-sodium diet. I now have an average of 130/78 BP, 65 HR taken at home and once at my own doctor's office. However, my BP at the physical exam was 139/93 and HR at 100, only because I was very nervous and had "white coat hypertension." Yet, I thought it was enought to pass but I guess not. How often have "hypertensive vascular disease" cases been approved for waivers and subsequent DoDMERB physical reevaluation? I would appreciate the feedback, thanks.

I am pretty confident that as long as I can secure an approved waiver to greenlight the reevaluation (i.e. tests, EKGs, etc.), I should be able to pass.
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