DODMERB DQ'd- Pilonidal Cystectomy

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by serv4lyfe, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I became Medically Qualified by DODMERB in the fall of 2010 for West Point and the AFA and I knew that if I were to have surgery I should contact DODMERB, so I did and told them that I was considering pilonidal cystectomy and what procedures I needed to follow. I was told that the surgery was fine and that all I needed to do was have my doctor send a letter to DODMERB explaining that I was cleared. So I had the surgery in December and in January had my doctor send the letter. After a few weeks I got a letter from DODMERB telling me to send in all medical records, I complied very quickly only to receive a letter a few weeks later stating that I was disqualified for both the USMA and AFA. Shortly thereafter West Point explained to me that it was too late in the admissions process to apply for me a waiver, thus denying me from West Point.

    However my hopes were high when I was offered a Type 7 AFROTC scholarship to Clemson University only to receive a letter once again from DODMERB disqualifying from the scholarship also.

    My questions are:

    1) I take it that the fact that the AFA has not contacted me this entire process a bad sign. Correct?
    2) What happens now that I have been DQ'd from my AFROTC scholarship? And what are the relative chances of receiving a waiver for my condition? (Which is fully healed and has been cleared by my doctor)
    3) What should I do to help myself receive a waiver? (I just had my doctor send a strongly worded/urgent letter to DODMERB today.)

    I'm looking for any answers. I feel like my whole college career has been ruined due to a negligent telephone operator at DODMERB. It seems to me that seeing as a pilonidal cystectomy within 6 months of evaluation DQs any applicant for any military branch, that the operator should have either #1 knowingly advised against surgery or #2 unknowingly deferred me to someone else who knew the policy instead of just okaying my decision to have the surgery. I could have averted this whole mess by just taking antibiotics or bathing in Epsom salt.

    Although I have been disheartened several times now, my passion to become a military officer has not been languished and I will exhaust every possible mean to achieve that goal. Again if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it!
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    serv4lyfe - Sent you a private message
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    DoDMERB "telephone operators" would NOT have said that regarding the condition you cite.

    1) A bad sign of what? If you have questions for USAFA, you should contact them and ask.
    2) Given the schaolsrhip offer you state you have, AFROTC will automaticall consider you for medical waiver processing. Not the decision, but just to consider you for a medical waiver.
    3. @ this juncture, that is all you can do.:thumb:

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