DoDmerb DQ's ok with letters from Doctors?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by ppod, Jan 28, 2011.

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    I am trying to join the ROTC program at my college. I have two disqualifiers that I think are PDQ's? I had asthma as a child, but have never been diagnosed with it in my adult life. I would just ask for inhalers from my doctors because I had it as a child (prior to age 12), never really used them. I can exercise just fine and don't have problems breathing (ex: I workout to muscle exhaustion and have absolutely no problem). My primary doctor said not to mention it because I was never diagnosed with it by him. If I bring a letter from my primary doctor saying that I am clear, will that help my situation? I could try and get the letter prior to getting the medical exam. I was hoping that would make them atleast give me a second look.

    Another DQ I would have was that I had depression as a child. I'm getting a letter of clearance from both my psychologist and psychiatrist. Are there any questions in particular my doctors should answer in their letter? I didn't really have depression as a child, but more so, just a hard time adjusting to growing up. I am fine without medication, and don't "relapse". I however was hospitalized for 2 days as a minor. But the situation was that I was talking to friends in highschool about me decorating my room (I was a gothic kid I guess), and a boy in my class told me to just kill myself. I cried a lot at school that day, and my parents were notified of it and kind of freaked out and sent me there. I left after one night spent there though, and was a minor. I really want to join, and have no mental problems, just had a hard time, but am ok now. I understand that the military is full of stress and difficult times, but I have grown up and no longer have those issues. I never really tried to kill myself.

    So, I guess to recap, would it even be possible to get waivers for these things if I got letters from my doctors saying that I am of sound mind and physically fit and able to serve with the stresses of the military.

    Thank you for your input.
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    I replied this morning:thumb:

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