DoDMERB Issue. Asking for guidance/opinions.


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Feb 19, 2021
Hi- I’m wondering if anyone has seen a strange DoDMERB situation like this/or if they know how to fix it. I am currently in AFROTC, and I have been disqualified for “hearing loss”, which I believe is because I had a faulty/inaccurate hearing test at the DoDMERB contracted-provider. I received the results which said that I had hearing loss outside standards at only one frequency. This didn’t make sense to me as I had never had any history of hearing loss before. Since that test, I got tested at two separate doctor’s offices who both said that the hearing loss does not exist, and that I am within standards. Both of their tests were exactly the same results and the initial DoDMERB exam results were way off. I’m confused as to why DoDMERB is not accepting my rebuttals, and why the first test I got is the only one that says I do not fall within standards. The waiver authority has told me to get another test done at the DoDMERB contracted provider, but I’m afraid they will do a faulty/inaccurate test again. I would understand the DQ if I actually had hearing loss, but I kinda feel like I’m getting disqualified for something that literally does not exist and multiple doctors have said that. Anyone have any opinions/guidance on this?

Thank you in advance if anyone knows anything about something like this.

TL;DR- DQ for hearing loss, two other doctors say I do not have hearing loss. DoDMERB not accepting those results.