DODMERB paperwork mixup


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Jul 20, 2014
My DD recently received a letter from USAFA stating she has tattoos, piercings, brand, etc. She has none of those things. There were also other discrepancies, i.e., DA 2492 Report of Medical History entries where she indicated NO answer, but was contacted and told there was no response, although she clearly did and we have copy. She was also indicated as having a heart murmur, though no history of it.

With three errors now that we know of (for now) there appears to be confusion, error, or a mix up of some kind.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of issue? Any advice on how it can be rectified?
Thanks very much.
Call admissions or DoDMERB (or both) and get it straightened out.
I would call the medical technician at DODMERB assigned to her last last name and email a copy of her questionnaire with answers to the help desk email. I would also request in writing a copy of her actual DODMERB exam. The request must be a written and signed letter, but you can scan it in and attach it to an email to the help desk.
Agree with the above.
Start with DoDMERB and make sure they forwarded the correct docs to AFA. Then proceed with calling USAFA admissions.
You might want to have your signature on that request notarized.
There is no need to notarize it. Per DODMERB's instructions over a phone call, DS sent a scanned in typed letter with his signature requesting the DODMERB exam results. They emailed the complete exam to us with in a few days.
Has your daughter set up a log in at DODMERB (not DODMETS) to check on the status of her exam? This website will have all correspondence sent to your daughter based on her social security number. This may be a case where they just mailed the letter meant for someone else to the wrong address. Check to make sure the correspondence listed under her login matches what they sent you.