DODMERB Pending Disqualification: Diplopia


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Jul 20, 2019

I recently attended my DODMETS initial exams (audiological and optical). I have worn glasses my entire life (although my vision is only slightly off of perfect and easily correctible to 20/20 in both eyes) and attended optical exams yearly since I was 2.
When I attended the optical exam, every thing went normally, and the doctor remarked that everything seemed to be fine after the exam ended. However, when I got my DODMERB account activated, I received a letter stating:

“We have reviewed your Initial Medical Examination (IME). Additional Medical Information (AMI) is required before we can make a final determination. AMI may include any combination of the following: medical records, questionnaires, personal statements, etc.”

And my account status was labeled as “remedials requested”. Note: I had a sport injury from a couple years ago, and the same letter stated that I should resubmit any pertinent medical info to a DODMERB email.

I have just submitted my AMI regarding my sport injury (I have letters from the diagnosing physician that this injury has fully healed and am thus not too worried about this disqualifying me), although I am kind of taken aback by the Diplopia diagnosis, as it doesn’t seem like the type of problem which I could receive a waiver for, and I’ve never had such a diagnosis by the other opthemologists I’ve met (my prescription has been stagnant over the past 3 years, and the DODMETS doctor said it hadn’t changed since my last optical exam with my private provider).

Basically, is there anything I can do that would help out my case? Could I even get a waiver for this type of thing(I can only imagine it’s a relatively small case of Diplopia) or am I totally finished? How can my status be “pending Disqualification” and “remedials requested” at the same time?

If it’s relevant: I am trying to attend Officer Candidate School for the Marine Corps (not as a pilot)

Thank you all in advance and sorry if it’s too much to read