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Jun 25, 2008
Hello :shake:
I just wanted to know if Dodmerb, after reviewing your medical history called up your different doctors or any of the most recent ones, because as crazy as this sounds, my most recent doctor ran off to Germany and no one knows of him:eek:. I only visited him once, so I have like 2 single sheets of paper to send to Dodmerb from him but one of the nurses had to fake his signature and stuff.. Could Dodmerb think we forged it or get any trouble? Do they actually go that far as to calling your past doctors to follow up on the medical records you send? I don't want to get in trouble because of him...
Also, I had two remedials from last year that were asked from me, the headache and allergies (weird because i never had allergies or even noted that) questionnaire and my complete medical history. I have gotten all my medical history available, which is only 2001 and on because I never really visited the doctor when i was younger and the ones i DID visit, didn't keep my records on file because i didn't frequent them enough. Could this be a problem?

Are the headaches a huge disqualifying thing? I noted i suffered numerous migraines as a child, but i never was diagnosed with any problems of any sort or treated with medication. I just out grew them with puberty. Also, when i was about 8 the Dr. gave me an inhaler as a just in case because i had trouble breathing when i ran, I never in my life used that inhaler nor is it even noted on my record. But unfortunately, during NASS I sort of semi fainted/ lost my breath during sea trials and had to be transported the the hospital so i wrote that down in the DOdmerb thing, because obviously they know about it at the academy. When I told this to the examining Dr. for Dodmerb, she mad a face and said if its because of the high humidity there that it's not any better in Iraq so I should get used to it.. :mad: I didn't say anything back.. Then she listened to my lungs, and said i had like bronchitis or something,, Something that has NEVER been told to me and i think she wrote it down-- thus the remedial. After that i went to the pulmonologist and said that lady was mistaken that my lungs are 100% ok.. If i get disqualified for this, can i appeal it with the pulmonologist, like if i get examined again and send the results to Dodmerb?

One last questions, the physicals we have to take for HS sports, do i need to get those from my former HS and send them along with the medical records?
krystalp89 - I would be able to answer from a postion of knowledge on what we're really dealing with here if you provide me your last name and last 4 of your SSN ( Larry Mullen, Deputy Director, DoDMERB:thumb:
I have called Krystal and will finalize my answers tomorrow. I can't connect to the office today...thus far:mad: