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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Markedshot, May 4, 2014.

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    DODMERB is the place where you fill out the physicals and medical information. From what I know it takes place during the advanced course, is DODMERB the place to retrieve medical information from you? Will they look at basic course forms that I have filled out?
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    I know you are anxious for answers, but posting four different posts is not going to get an answer any sooner.

    Typically if posters are not responding than it is because they do not have the answer for you and do not want to mislead you.

    You will be sent to a DoDMERB doc and given a physical. They will request you to supply your medical history from you, going back to the age of 13 at least. Basically it is a short form, have you ever been diagnosed....check the box. Are you currently taking any prescriptions, list them and for how long.

    If there is an issue they may require your Dr. to send your medical records.

    In the end if you are concerned that you will be DQd it is best to get in front of it now. Waivers are becoming less frequent with each year and it can take many months for the waiver to be approved.

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