DoDMERB question


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May 24, 2017
The woman in charge of reviewing my case is out of the office until early June...I wanted to know if I would be disqualified for myopia because my left eye does not correct to 20/20. My right eye's vision is 20/20 without glasses, but my left eye only corrects to 20/25 with glasses. I'm currently in AFROTC and I'm really enjoying my time in the program so I'm hoping not to get DoDMERB'd. Does anyone have any insight on what the Air Force's vision standards are? I'm not trying to get a rated pilot slot or anything, if that information is necessary.
Your vision is good enough. Your myopia can't be over 8 diopters spherical equivalent.
We have the same person at dodmerb- there is a general help desk email and phone option you can use instead. Check the FAQ/ contact section of your DodMERB account. We did have to wait a few days for a response, but that isn't our do the norm even when we have our tech there!