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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by westpoint2018, Dec 25, 2013.

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    Merry Christmas, everyone!

    I have had a rough process through my DoDMERB process. Concorde has been difficult in scheduling remedials and providing information to the physicians and DoDMERB continues to request further remedials. Since this is taking so long, how will this affect my application? I do not want it to appear like I am procrastinating the tests. How much weight is put on DoDMERB, besides qualified or DQ'ed? I am actively working to complete another set of remedials sent to me today-to be completed as soon as possible.

    Thank you
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    Your application will not be held up at all since it is not part of the WCS. If the SA's decide to appoint you, they will just inform you that part of contingency is that you are DQ. You do not have to have your medical exam to be boarded.

    The fact is they know that by now DoDMERB is starting to get overloaded because they not only have to qualify about 15K candidates; every SA candidate that is deemed competitive, but also all those that are awarded ROTC scholarships, which can be around another 4K. Than add in the remedials, and the pipeline to process will become slower.

    It is why some will tell you that it takes months, and some the turn around was only a few weeks.

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