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Jan 7, 2013
Hello everyone,

DoDMERB was pretty quick requesting remedials! I hope that they will continue how quick they have been when it comes to evaluating my remedials.

Abbreviated TL:
30 MAR 2019- Exam received and entered into the system.
01 APR 2019- Date Exam Reviewed
02 APR 2019- Date letter sent - Remedial: 264.00

Thought all was well... but wait

03 APR 2019- Date letter sent- Info received Insufficient/More info needed 264.00, 251.22

I have no idea what the 251.22 is, because in the 'remedial code' section on DoDMERB, it just says that it is essentially a fill in the blank. There was no update loaded into the correspondence section for the addition of the 251.22 so I'm assessing that I am going to have to wait for the paper letter. (Tell me again why it is 2019 and I am having to wait for a paper letter in the mail when literally everything else DoDMERB does is online.)

I guess my reason for this post is to ask peoples thoughts on what the 251.22 is. I am gathering up all of the paperwork I have based on what I think the issue is (multiple syncopal episodes with the last being 09 NOV 2017).

Also, if your initials are AAA-COK; the technician is out on extended leave... i'd call and make sure your paperwork did not get lost in the shuffle.