DodMERB Seasonal Allergies Question????? PLEASE HELP


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Aug 26, 2017
I am entering the AFROTC this Fall semester as a 250 Cadet. I am curious as to your thoughts on what I should put down on the pre exam dodmerb checklist sheet.

I was prescribed allergy medication and received allergy shots for 6 years when I was 10. 20 now. They were for seasonal allergies, (mild symptoms, runny nose, stuffy nose, watery eyes) <<< these were my ONLY symptoms>>>

I have not been receiving nor have I been prescribed any allergy related shots or medicines in the last 4 years. Those symptoms are long gone and I am as healthy as I have ever been. Seasons do not affect e as they use too and I only get the normal occasional sneeze, but who doesn't?

When listing past allergies, if I list seasonal allergies, they are more than likely going to request a remedial for that requesting documented prescriptions etc. correct?

If I have not had ANY seasonal allergy symptoms in the past 4 years, is it more of a moral thing if I say I don't have a history of allergies? I know it sounds dishonest, but I know my body better than any doctor, and I don't want something as small as past seasonal allergy symptoms that have not showed in 4-5 years at all to DQ me.

Just curious as to what your thoughts are, or if there is a way I can list my past seasonal allergies as to not attract anymore attention to them from DODMERB.
I am not an expert, but it doesn't sound like this past history of seasonal allergies will be a problem for you - even current oral medication treatment for seasonal allergies meets the standard, as far as I can tell.
I would answer the questions honestly and simply. If you don't, this lie could come back to haunt you and you might eventually be kicked out with a bill to pay back scholarship money (for fraud).
In order to help alleviate the remedial request, provide the doctor's records on allergy treatment, or have them ready to send if asked. If Concorde won't take them along with the exam paperwork, you can send them anyway via mail or fax. Be sure to include the record of visit where treatment was discontinued - maybe even a more recent visit where doctor checks on your status as far as allergy symptoms - it couldn't hurt. If you ask your doctor, they can do a search for all records with the word allergy and print those out for you.
My DD had self-diagnosed sensitivity to cats - OTC allergy meds helped to alleviate symptoms. She answered with simple explanations, even though this was never a medical diagnosis - her explanations sufficed and she never received a remedial for that. Your situation is a little different, but honesty is still the best way to go, imho. Best wishes.
In all situations read the question very carefully and answer it exactly, no more, no less. If it asks if you had any seasonal allergies the past 4 years, then answer is no. If it asks if you ever had seasonal allergies the answer is yes. BTW - their efforts are not to keep you out... it's to protect the others you will lead or be alongside in combat.
If you need to answer YES to anything while filling out the DoDmerb Report of Medical History, you need to do a bit of research. Go to the DoDmerb website and click the MEDICAL CODES link on the left hand side of the home page. There you can research DQ codes to see if you meet the standard or not. In your case, I think this is what you need to look at:

D241.30 Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13 Airway hyper responsiveness including asthma, reactive airway disease, exercise-induced bronchospasm or asthmatic bronchitis, reliably diagnosed and symptomatic after the 13th birthday

Gather all your medical records regarding your asthma diagnosis and treatment. It sounds like your asthma and treatment were all before your 13th birthday. Give a clear concise answer stating date of diagnosis, treatment/medicine prescribed, date condition ended and that you have never had or been treated for the condition since. You will be asked for the name and contact information of any treating physician(s) so have that ready. You will either be prompted to fill out an Allergy Questionnaire as you are filling out the Report of Medical History or given a remedial to do so after your exam. You can find the Allergy Questionnaire under FORMS on the left hand side of the DoDmerb home page.

Don't Panic. Answer all the questions honestly. You may also be asked to submit all medical records regarding your asthma. If your answers and medical records all show you meet the medical standards, you will more than likely be deemed QUALIFIED. It is good you are doing this now so you have plenty of time to go through the process. Good Luck!
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Wow. Maybe it's just me in my ignorance but it didn't sound to me like his symptoms had anything to do with asthma, and he never mentioned asthma. I agree with being prepared (at least) to pull medical records together for a remedial if it comes to that. If there hasn't been an issue since the age of 10 I doubt it's going to come up as a problem.
Your right Kinnem, my bad. My DS had to check YES for seasonal allergies occasionally treated with OTC allergy meds and his only remedial was and the Allergy Questionnaire. The Allergy Questionnaire has questions regarding asthma. It stuck in my head that ruling our asthma was a big concern for DoDmerb. My apologies.
I'm sure you're right that they want to rule it out. Just don't want to scare OP unnecessarily since asthma doesn't seem to be a problem..
Thank you all for the responses.

I spoke with my uncle who is retired Navy.

He told me to list.

1. Yes
2. HAD seasonal allergies.
3. Haven't had symptoms in 4 or 5 years.
4. Haven't taken medicine for any allergy symptoms in 4 or 5 years due to not having any symptoms of seasonal allergies.

I feel like that is a good response to checking yes.

I have been overthinking this and that is giving me stress. But after reading your replies and talking to my uncle my mind is eased a little.
Also, if any remedial or questionnaire response is requested, will answer truthfully and to the furthest ability I can.

I will not lie to the gov. However don't want to sell myself as useless.
Remember, even if DoDMERB gives you a DQ, by answering truthfully and clarifying the 4 to 5 years of good health, you maximize your chances of a waiver from AFROTC.