DODMERB status confusion

Naptown Dude

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May 7, 2008

My current DODMERB status is for qualified for USMA (previously remedial requested) and remedial requested for USNA. I was sent a letter with the status updates but no further directions as to where to send the remedial for USNA. So I sent it to DODMERB. That was about a month ago, yet my status for USNA has not changed. I know DODMERB received the information because it was sent receipt response requested and I got that back about three and a half weeks ago.

I am confused because I would think my status would have changed by now. The previous remedial only took about 3 days to be reviewed and approved (for USMA). I had heard around that maybe I should have sent it to USNA but I never received those directions. Did I send it to the right authorities? Is there anything I can do? I can wait patiently for the results but I want to make sure it didn't fall through a crack.

Mr. Mullen, could you please help me?

Aaron B.
As Just_A_Mom said, I need to know who you are and assess your file before I can respond. The USNA is totally diufferent than USMA. Yes, you sent it to the right authorities...DoDMERB...Yes, you should NOT have sent it to USNA. Standing by for your email....full names and Last 4 of your SSN:thumb:
Thank you Just A Mom and Mr. Mullen. I have sent you the e-mail with a re-post and my full name and last 4 digits.

Aaron B.
Got it. Issue since resolved after I called and sent email:thumb:
Question about SubAgency

On the status part of the Dodmerb applicant site it says "SubAgency: NALOA". What does that mean? My son is waiting a waiver status for USNA. Thanks.
What that means is the the USNA has issued a Letter of Assurance to your son....translated, if your son receives the nomination, passes the CFA (he prob has already), and gets medically cleared by DoDMERB or waived by the USNA, he will be tendered an offer of appointment.:thumb:

:redface:Thanks - now that you explained it, it seems obvious what the acronym stands for. Now it is just wait and see. Thanks again!