DoDMERB Tooth/Gum troubles


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I was looking through and completing the survey that must be completed when you first get into the DoDMERB website, and one of the questions was asking about any current or previous tooth/gum problems. Two years ago I got a root canal, would that be considered tooth trouble? And if so, how will this affect my DoDMERB process?


What is the actual question? “If ever” is different than “do you have”. This is also a form that should be filled out with your parents assistance. Answering the questions asked. Not what you ‘think you have a history of’. You want to answer honestly the questions asked. Thinking you have something, vs a DR diagnosing you with something, are two different things.

As you stated the question above, it sounds like something you would disclose. If it affects the process at all, it would be like any other medical issue: may require additional information, or may not. Just work through what’s requested of you.


I do not know the exact wording of the question so I cannot advise you how to answer. Saying that, as a dental professional, a single root canal should not cause any long term complications or necessarily make you prone to any further dental problems. Answer the exact question honestly, but I would not expect a single root canal to complicate your medical clearance.