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    I received a medical exam a little over a month ago, and just got a letter saying the I would need to receive a medical waiver for an IT band problem that I developed two years ago while running track. After a month of PT, the problem went away and has not troubled me since. However, I now need to go to a private physician to get a checkup. I found the wording on the letter that was sent a little confusing, but what form will my doctor have to fill out? Is it just the same blanket form that the primary assessor filled out when I got my first checkup?

    I repeat: is there a new form that my doctor needs to fill out, or does she just need to fill out a new copy of the same 8-page form that the primary assessor filled out?
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    Call DODMERB help desk for details. usually just a letter from doc saying he checked you out and your good to go. You don't refill form out

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